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6 hours of behind-the-wheel fee is $435 (required for 16 yr. olds), Hourly lesson fee is $80 ( possession of valid permit )

$10 NJMVC permit fee $4 /set decal fee

No permit processing or validation fee for 16 yr. olds.

Lessons available 7 days/week, free door-to-door pickup and drop off. Our rates are among the lowest with top Certified School Teacher Instructors. We come highly recommended by a number of High Schools throughout NJ.

Upon receiving your application and documents FTDS will go to DMV and apply for the Student Permit. 

At the start of the first lesson, the instructor will introduce the many functions of the vehicle and get you started on the road maximizing your development and progress. Upon completion of lessons the permit will go back to DMV for the validation process and then receive a validated permit with a scheduled road test appointment and a certificate for your insurance company.

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